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oh I love this idea. I also love how you took it to the next level, ensuring that you all take note of each thing you are thankful for by putting an action behind it. Love this!


We love to make thanksgiving trees! It's so fun to do year after yer-- seeing handwriting and thankfulness change and grow and take on more meaning. Our favorite book to read during the thanksgiving time is "The Secret of Saying Thanks" by Douglas Wood. And I too love the fact that you are taking your gratitude and doing something positive with it-- I all too often miss that important step. Looks like your Martinmas celebrations were magical-- love those beads on your lanterns.

Carrie :: between hitching posts

I LOVE your tree! I love how you made it so personal & included each member of your family in making it! It warms my heart to see other families creating such wonderful memories from an idea that I had one day.
Thanks for sharing!


How exciting to see your thankful tree! We also share in this tradition at our home! I love how you made it your own and added so many meaningful things along with your leaves!


Very cool Thanksgiving tree and jar lantern! I love the little leaves that you all made, and I love Hosanna's handwritten thanks...what a sweetheart.

Sharon Bartlett Price

On this, my birthday, with Celtic carols in the background, and a fire in the fireplace, I thank God for the gifts you and Wesley have been in my life, a daughter and son of my heart. I rejoice that your children are being so abundantly blessed with you as their parents...two angels from heaven, whom you are holding, loving with such tenderness, wisdom, faith and love. You are not only protecting them from the evil in this world, but are sharing with them all that is beautiful and magical. God planted them in your hearts. You have nourished the roots, which come from the Creator of all life, with all that is good, most especially, with a knowledge of Him. I see you tenderly holding these buds, whose wings are still tucked behind them, truly raising them up as they shall one day go...wings opened to fly with the Spirit, to spread the Fruits that they themselves have tasted at your table, and for which they learned to give thanksgiving. We three were so infinitely blessed to be able to love, cherish, teach and be vessels of healing to the abandoned, abused, broken children whom God placed in our hands, hearts and homes for brief, precious moments. Just as they are still in our hearts, we are in theirs, nourished still by having known the love of Christ. How blessed we were to have been chosen to be their parents for a time, and to be able to bear them with us as we go forward in Faith, knowing not where they are nor how they are growing, but with the faith to know that they are still being held by God for His purposes, plans and future...and they are for good and not for evil. Praise God. I love you and your children, forever and for always. Sharon

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