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Yikes - I would worried about that many tiny people, too! Glad it worked out fine. :) I'm going to have to give that casserole a try. I'm failing in the dinner department and that sounds like a good idea. By the way, your photos are really rockin'. Did you get a new camera or are you just getting really good? Your kids are too cute.


You were so lucky to have such a lovely day filled with little ones! We are expecting our second child in a couple of months and my little girl can't wait for some company. The more the merrier! Thanks for sharing the super veggie recipe too :0)


1,2,3,4, and 5! That is incredible what a warm loving home you must have the kids must have been thrilled to be in each others company!


Wow-- what joy-filled chaos! And that food sounds fantastic-- and perhaps just what we'll be eating for dinner as I stare down a pile of not-yet-cooked CSA veggies:)

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